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movement as a practice

"the body says what words cannot"

- martha graham

when was the last time you moved your body? how did it feel? a freedom exists in movement - a freedom of feeling. i believe this is a tool we can use to communicate to ourselves the things we just don't have the words for.



i'm emma

like many others, my relationship with self has changed over time. admittedly, for many years i did not have a freedom in feeling. i refused to acknowledge the grief and anxiety that were overwhelmingly present in my body. habitually running from and denying what i was feeling prevented me from seeing my truth and cultivating the life i dreamed of. learning to be honest, vulnerable, open to receiving, and true to myself changed the direction of my life. i found the practice of yoga and have since relied on movement and breath for expanding my connection to self.


i’m a human being with a deep soul on a journey to cultivate more joy! i am committed to living authentically, to showing up honestly as i am in any given moment. i’m a believer that we are all seeking deeper connection; connection to self, strangers, loved ones, and nature. as i am devoted to my own journey, i am equally passionate and excited to connect with you and yours.


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